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About Pritika

Since childhood, I have been intrigued by yoga but perceived it as just a physical activity. Upon gaining experience I realized that a major chunk of yoga is related to one's own mind. After being diagnosed with a slipped disk and the will to not depend on medication but to find an active route I took on yoga in a serious manner.

This time around the physical aspects of yoga was elevated by including the other virtues that the actual practice follows satvik aahar, vihar, aachar and vichar leading to an absolute transformation in lifestyle. 

My slipped disk issues were completely resolved with minimal medication, and that's what I would want everyone to achieve hence taking on the decision to follow my professional path as a yoga professional and spread awareness about this gift given to us by Maharishi Patanjali which helps us improve our physical and mental health.


My Qualifications

  1. Teachers Training Course in Yoga

  2. Diploma in Yoga (foundation and advanced)

  3. Course in Rehabilitation and Recovery for Cancer through Yoga

  4. BA in Yogashastra

  5. Pilates Teachers Training Course (Level 2)

My Skills

  1. Hath Yoga

  2. Ashtanga Yoga

  3. Vinasaya Yoga

  4. Prenatal Yoga

  5. Postnatal yoga

  6. Traditional Pranayama

  7. Meditation

  8. Yoga for various health problems (diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, Cancer, Slipped disks,

  9. Injuries, etc)

  10. Mat Pilates

  11. Reformer Pilates

  12. Strength Training

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My Philosophy

Why is Yoga and Pilates a great combination?


Yoga helps in increasing our overall strength and flexibility, while pilates focuses on building deep core strength and achieving a lean body while preventing injuries.


In yoga, the primary goal is the connection between breathing and various pranayama techniques. Pilates encourages breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth to assist in engaging a deep abdominal connection.


Both are great at providing health benefits while reducing stress, anxiety, etc.

Both help us correct different aspects of our lives that we are not conscious of, like breathing.

Breathing in yoga and pilates is rejuvenating, and detoxifying and is a means of enhancing awareness.


How we breathe is directly co-related to the depth we can achieve in each pose.


At Prinine we perform these activities consciously which helps in building up the correct methodology to do it.


Pilates makes yoga a better experience as it helps in building core strength which in turn leads to better stability in inversion poses making the overall experience exhilarating.

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